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The awareness of our physical body – breath, sensations, postures, etc. builds the base of my work.

The awareness of our physical body – breath, sensations, postures and movement – builds the base of my work.

My work is about uncovering unconscious embodied patterns and shifting or modulating those that no longer serve the life you want to live. Expressing unapologetically, showing up with confidence in sovereignty and dignity, connecting deeply and authentically while rediscovering play and creativity.

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Hello! I am Christina…

I believe in the power of embodiment for a more fulfilling life.

As a certified embodiment coach and somatic educator, I use simple and effective tools to empower people to change patterns and embrace who they want to be.

My approach encourages deeper self-connection, mature relationships to others and authentic expression by tapping into the power of body, mind and emotions.

I have made my passion for movement, the body-mind and simply everything human my profession.

In my work I combine a variety of tools and techniques based on years of study, practice, and “failing”. My background and teachers are diverse and encompasses martial arts, dance, meditation and relating practices. I am a generalist with love for detail, a recovering perfectionist, warrior, improviser, and traveler of many worlds. I try not to take myself too seriously and love to use playfulness to illuminate the sides we might otherwise shy away from.

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    To truly change we need to understand with our entire being – our mind, emotions and body. Only when fully embodied does it reflect in our actions and how we are in the world.