Hi! I am Christina…

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the power of the mind, the wisdom of the body and the intelligence of relationships.

This page will give you an insight into my journey and formative experiences.

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If you’re curious about my story…

I was a mover all my life, fell in love with the incredible mastery of the Shaolin monks and Eastern philosophies at the age of 12 and began practicing martial arts thereafter. The undeniable power of body and mind united. Just two years later, I was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism, initiating me into meditation and spiritual practice.

Both stayed with me in different forms throughout. My path took me from living in Japan, via studying in the Netherlands, to traveling the US and Nepal while at Uni. In my mid-twenties, a degree in social sciences and design research richer, I decided to dedicate more time to practice and grow. I moved into a Dojo for 15 months training daily Aikido, yoga, meditation and self inquiry. The black belt I received during this time represents a transformation and shedding of old conditioned behaviours and beliefs. Proving once again how powerful the body is in shifting state, mindset, emotions, and also long term patterns.

Just before leaving for the dojo, I spent a year in struggling – emotionally and for purpose. For me talk therapy was not helping as my mind was too clever and I had gone through all the theory already. It required an embodied, experiential shift to reconnected me to joy, aliveness and myself.

Belly dance and contact improvisation were the transformational practices that allowed for this shifting my mood and outlook on life one dance at a time. Through martial arts I cultivated confidence, assertiveness and clarity but also a tendency to endure and push through. Dance allowed me to integrate softness, fluidity and a more feminine side I had long rejected. It also helped me embrace playfulness and free authentic expression.

I learned about NVC as a teenager, dove into psychology, sociology and anthropology during uni and supported conscious conflict resolution programs during my time in the dojo. The last 5 years I immersed myself in conscious relating and intimacy practices.

With a diverse background of practices and interests, getting certified as an Embodied Facilitator and Coach in 2017 was what tied the pieces together and gave me a clear language to share my passions with others. I since successfully coached clients on various issues using the embodiment approach and offered numerous workshops around the world, many focusing on relationship. I believe it to be a key to making the world a better place.

All I know is we exist in relationship: the relationship to ourself, to others and the planet. And we need each other to be our best selves and be reminded of our shared humanity.

Formative Experiences

  • Teacher on Foundations of Embodiment Course, 2020
  • Embodied Facilitators Course Assistant Trainer, 2019/2020
  • Embodiment Conference Intimacy and Relationships Channel Manager and curation, 2020
  • Thai Massage Training with ITM in Thailand, 2018
  • Embodied Facilitator and Coach Certification, 2017
  • EYP (Embodied Yoga Principles) Teacher Training, 2017
  • Aikido Black Belt (2015) with 15 month immersion in Aikido practice and teaching
  • Conscious Conflict Resolution Program Assistance, 2015
  • Sunyata Yoga school immersion to Assistant Teacher, 2015
  • Chakra Yoga Fundamentals Training
  • 18 years of martial arts, 8 years of Contact Improvisation and numerous other somatic and awareness practices
  • MSc Social Sciences and BA in Liberal Arts
  • Experience as an Innovation Consultant, Design and Market Researcher in London and Berlin

We are what we do and how we do it. We become what we practice.