To live the most empowered and connected version of your life.

Sessions are tailored to your particular needs and aims which we will establish together in the first session.

I commonly work with and can support you to:

  • Connect deeply to your body as a friend and wisdom keeper
  • Navigate stress and overwhelm in daily life
  • Build confidence in your personal and professional life
  • Embrace emotions as valuable messengers

And overall

  • Create more fulfilling and empowered relationships by knowing yourself, your boundaries and needs better

During the sessions we will deepen self-awareness, shed light on patterns and identify the direction of change. I will equip you with simple tools and embodied practices to make concrete steps towards that change.

The awareness of your physical body, breath, postures and movement build the base of my work.

If you are curious to learn more:

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Why work with me

I will empower you – If you are ready to cut to the core, I will give you the tools and support to take charge of your own transformation. I will not entertain victim mentality or excuses that disempower you. Instead, I will compassionately hold you accountable and guide you back to your inner resources. You hold the pen to rewrite your own story.

I am all about the fit – I do not stick to a one fits all script. I take the time to listen to exactly what it is you need. Then I draw from a vast array of disciplines and a big tool box to offer what fits you. We will embark on a co-creative journey that allows for iterations. It might take us to unknown places, deeper than what you signed up for, but one thing is sure, you will not leave the same.

I believe in humour and fun – I don’t believe that “working” on yourself is the right approach to coaching. One key to truly change is letting go and not taking oneself too seriously. Lightness, humour and playfulness can be incredibly powerful to face otherwise overwhelming challenges.


Christina helped me gain a much clearer and deeper understanding of my pattern, but more importantly, she additionally offered some remarkably useful tools for me to practice and apply in my daily life. Since, tackling this behaviour pattern has become much less challenging – in fact, I enjoy finding the opportunities to put into practice what I learnt from Christina. Empowering work through and through! I can highly recommend Cristina as a coach for those willing to bring their inner-work from the cognitive to an embodied level.

Fred Day, Massage Therapist / Berlin
The experience with Christina’s sessions were beautiful and important for me. She is really respectful, attentive and has great tools to help us to listen to our bodies, feelings and find new postures to deal with life situations. She always gives space to feel if it makes sense for you, or not – and this trust in what comes from your body is something rare and precious to find. I do recommend working with her to understand yourself and find new sincere ways to deal with yourself.
Silvia Wya Poty, Brazil

Together we build awareness of patterns to bring choice to your life.