Companies and Projects

I have been fortunate to be involved in some great work within the Embodiment field – some of which truly pioneering and the first of its kind.

The mission throughout: Reconnecting people to their bodies and thereby helping to create a better world.

Embodiment Unlimited Ltd.

I am proud to be a lead teacher on some of the finest trainings on Embodiment that are currently offered by Embodiment Unlimited.

As embodiment specialists, we help people work pragmatically with the body, including corporate and other ‘mainstream’ environments.

With over a decade of in person Embodiment Coaching and Facilitation Courses, the current offers include online courses like FEC and CEC.

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The Embodiment Conference

I am grateful to have been involved as core team member during the first successful conference in 2018 and the massive second edition in 2020.

During the 2020 edition I managed the Intimacy and Relationships Channel which deepened my understanding of the field.

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Embodied Yoga Principles

The only kind of Yoga I am certified in and use in my professional coaching practice.

I have been practicing yoga on the side for over a decade supplementary to martial arts and dance. EYP is a little different to other types of yoga in that it brings a concrete transfer to daily life which makes it so powerful in personal development work and coaching.

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Bring the body into your work for fast, powerful and lasting results.