Facilitation Approach

In teaching and facilitation, I employ embodied tools and techniques to shed light on individual and relational patterns, as well as group dynamics.

Awareness and choice build the foundation for my work. Once we become aware of how we are in ourselves and in relationship, how we operate in the world and what strategies we employ, we gain immense freedom to choose how we want to be.

No awareness – no choice.

I provide the tools and alternative perspectives to support you in the process of moving away from old habitual and conditioned pathways towards how you want to be.

Themes and Format

  • How to navigate stressful situations and challenges
  • Understand relationship patterns and work with triggers
  • Communication and conflict transformation

Workshops are between 90 min. and half day events exploring one theme. Trainings go more into depth and can take different focal points.

If you are interested in inviting me to facilitate a workshop, please reach out!

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    Christina guides with humour and clarity. I enjoyed the pace of the workshop. Not too much bla and even though we went quickly, there was much space for reflections always. 

    Sarah, Teacher / UK

    In Christinas workshop I could really feel included and guided through the practice in a precise yet playful way. It is a joy to partake when she shares her passion with so much presence. 

    Leticia Āhwina, Embodiment Workshop participant / Thailand

    Love your radiant authenticity and deep care – felt it throughout the hour! You are doing the work you’re meant to in life. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

    Meredith, EYP workshop participant

    Thank you. You shook me up with your masterclass contribution about vulnerability. I found exciting pieces of the puzzle that were missing so far. I want to share from my heart how grateful I am for your calm charisma, which is so lively at the same time. It is a relief and I am happy to be able to learn from people like you.

    Manja Kendler, Workshop participant / Germany

    Become aware of how you are so that you can choose how you want to be.