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Embodiment Approach 

Just talking about problems and challenges has never fully solved them for me. Verbalising what is going on is important but not enough. When the body is included in the process we can:

  • Go beyond story and a narrative that might hold you back
  • Get quick results by focusing on sensations for concrete indications of what is going on rather than only the mind, which can be more elusive
  • Anchor insights in the body through concrete and simple body based practices

The body stores memories as well as trauma. We are what we do and we become what we practice is one of my favourite guide. How you operate in this world has been encoded into every cell of your body. To achieve effective and lasting change both, the body and the mind have to be on board. To uncover existing programs that either run unconsciously or that you have identified but are unable to change. With simple accessible tools the change gets anchored not just as an idea but into the body. Homework is therefore a key component if my work.

Individual Coaching


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